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Poster: Diamondhead Date: Feb 15, 2023 1:55pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Any Buffalo Springfield fans?

Yes. I lived through that part. Sunset Blvd as I recollect. I was a true SoCal believer. CSNY Jackson Browne Eagles Poco Joni Linda. Laurel Canyon was holy ground. 😄

Does that dude have a PhD in Dead? I could never.

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Poster: c-freedom Date: Feb 15, 2023 6:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Any Buffalo Springfield fans?

Yes, I had to do papers like that for my Masters work.
I found that tedious business.
But I never got to do a paper like that on the GD or a particular show.
What is cool is that he quoted from the reviewer section of the Matrix.
Much better than quoting educators on pedagogy.
The thought of which can still cause me to puke in my mouth.
There was a professor teaching the Sociology of Deadheads the video is still floating around the internet.
That was pretty cool and non-political which was great because in our school that Department was pretty much a launching pad for the DSA.
And my gut feeling about politics is
“If I can’t dance
I don’t want to be a part
Of your Revolution”
or as Bob Marley sang,
“That’s one good thing about music
When it hits, we feel no pain”